Windcloud – Your Green Data Center

We lead data center operations into a sustainable future.

Based on our renewable energy infrastructure, a battery farm and a biogas plant, we offer you green data center services. We are your partner for colocation, cloud infrastructure, virtual servers, cloud storage, backup and managed services.

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Cost efficient

We get our energy directly from a wind farm. Therefore we have a cost advantage that gives us the possibility to offer you fair prices. We have a clear cost structure without hidden costs.


Data protection has the highest priority for us. We save your data exclusively in our data center in Northern Germany. Our encryption technologies are state-of-the-art.


We provide our data center with local produced and stored wind energy. Thus we avoid the negative environmental effects that traditionally cause.




We run your servers in our sustainable data center. You will benefit from a 100% renewable energy and redundant    100 Gbit/s connectivity.

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Cloud Infrastructure


We replicate your local IT infrastructure completely in our green cloud – no matter as if public-, hybrid- or private cloud.

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Virtual Server


With our Virtual Servers you get scalable computing power from our cloud with individual configuration and flexible duration.

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Cloud Storage


With our Cloud Storage your data will stay up-to-date between team members while you minimize the risk of data loss.

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With our effective security concept you will never miss a significant backup again – no volume restriction and recoverable at any time.

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Managed Services


You decide yourself which Managed Services we assume for you. We customize our management-level to your individual needs.

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By combining wind energy, hybrid battery storage and biogas we create a self-sufficient off-grid power supply. For further backup we are connected to the utility grid.


Our data center has a redundant  internet connection via latest fibre optic technology. We provide any bandwith at lowest latency. Choose your provider in our backbone.


We use powerful hardware. We virtualise our servers on SSD Ceph Clusters. Therefore we have a high speed connection with threefold backup of your data.


Pay as you go – We offer flexible products that are growing with your company. We are also able to take over big data and business intelligence services for you.




Internet services causing much CO2 emissions. With Windcloud we built a green data center to offer you a sustainable alternative.

At our location in North Frisia, next to Denmark, we have access to huge amounts of wind energy. To use this energy for our data center, wind power pioneers and young technology enthusiasts are working hand in hand in our team.

By using wind energy directly we do not only avoid negative effects on the environment, but also create cost benefits due to eliminating fees and taxes. These totalising cost advantages a forwarded to you. Therefore we can offer you green and cost efficient cloud solutions at the same time.

With Windcloud we play our part to lead the internet into a sustainable future.






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